About Bull & Swine

Our mission at Bull & Swine is to provide hand-crafted, thoughtful food and drink to the local community, with a major emphasis on service and attention to detail that allows us to supply a superior product to our incredible city, and, further, to highlight and serve the explosive growth and vast diversity of the East Rock and State Street Communities.

Our vision is to create a customer forward restaurant experience that combines styles of barbecue from all over the country--from Texas to North Carolina, and Memphis to Kansas City--to create an experience deeply rooted in Southern style hospitality. Our goal is to provide artisanal but down-to-earth food and drink that reflects a variety of geographic and cultural styles to create as diverse of an identity as this wonderfully diverse city deserves.

Bull & Swine is the place you leave your apartment to come home to. We are seeking to provide a thoughtful, laid back atmosphere where our diners can truly feel taken care of. Our food will specialize in comfort; our drinks will only intensify this feeling. Nestled into a perfect spot in the State Street community, Bull & Swine seeks to reflect all the best values of this incredible city: thoughtfulness, diversity, attention to detail, and the best service available.

We seek to offer the best cuisine we can, pulling from barbecue style from all around the country to create the Bull & Swine identity. Why should you have to choose between styles when you can have them al under one roof? The Bull & Swine team will strive to create the most welcoming and homelike atmosphere possible. Our deep focus on hospitality will create the most welcoming experience we can offer.

At Bull & Swine, patrons can expect the best in service and an accessible food and drink program that can satisfy any dining need, from a nice dinner with friends to takeout back to the house, or a drink and a snack at the bar. Here we specialize in variety, not just in cuisine but in experience as well.

We truly believe New Haven is the Greatest Small City in America, and we hope to be the Greatest Small Barbecue in the City.